Improving rights of Dalit, Excluded and Indigenous Communities

NU aims to promote rights, cultural diversity and improve the quality of life of the most excluded and marginalized communities of Bangladesh, including Dalits and indigenous peoples. Around 6.5 milions of Dalit peoples in Bangladesh are facing discrimination in all aspects of life though they have a significant role in the country’s economic, environment and social development. Along state’s recognition of their identity, this community lacks basic provisions like food, water, shelter and education. NU supports Dalit led CSOs and individuals to their struggle and movement for realizing their rights and entitlements. NU helped organizing a national platform of Dalit led CSOs – Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM), for collective movement for the rights across the country. NU also helped BDERM to gain international recognition and support to their cause as well as advocacy at UN level. NU also has specific intervention for the rights of other marginalized community like Indigenous Peoples of the plain land and Linguistic Minority.

Provisions and Strategies

  • Advocate and lobby government to formulate and implementation of laws and policies and improve facilities for excluded communities
  • To strengthen the capacity, sustainability and welfare of CSOs and individuals of excluded groups
  • Provide enabling condition for the CSOs to communicate with government and non-government agencies to promote their rights
  • Promote Human Rights Defenders among the excluded community to fight for their rights
  • Advocacy and lobby at international and UN level
  • Support conservation of language, traditions, and culture of excluded 
  • Create positive attitude towards Dalits and indigenous peoples in the public sphere though education and awareness campaigns